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        F300H decoration small crane

        Wanda F300H building materials decoration small crane lifting machine
        The main features
        1, easy to carry
        This product is small, light weight, small size and compact structure, easy to carry.
        2, easy to install,
        The power unit placed near a window (or balcony), Office of the bracket assembly parts, and insert it into the hole base power plant, five minutes to install.
        3, lifting speed, 4 seconds to enhance one meter, 10-storey three minutes you can play back and forth, equipped with "special tools" being lifted at an alarming rate, and the greater the advantage of the higher floors
        4, for a wide range
        Using 220-volt single-phase power supply for decoration companies, lifting companies, installation companies, moving companies, workshop, repair departments, storage warehouse, and other industries and households.
        As well as extensive use of premises, can be installed in addition to households, can also be installed on the roof, you can use hand corner rack mounted on large projects the site can also be transported in small buildings instead of gantry crane
        Works. Can install protective nets, billboards, roof waterproof cast also do engineering; able to repair the pump workover can store fruits, drying grain ......
        5, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
        One hour you can learn how to operate the machine, according to the instructions when operating outside appearance, lifting objects can travel across stopper and toggle switch, immediately cut off the power supply to ensure
        Safe operation.
        Model: F300H
        Price RMB: 2680 元
        Technical parameters:
        Lifting capacity: 300 kg single hook
        Rated voltage: 220v
        Rated power: 1.3KW
        Rated frequency: 50HZ
        Rope length: 27 m
        Factory rope diameter: 5 mm
        Weight: 69 kg
        Indoor installation height: 1.5M-3.2M
        Furthest out of the window length: 0.95M
        Retracted window within the shortest length: 0.65M
        The minimum working space: 0.65M
        Maximum weight: 600 kg
        Maximum lifting height: 100M
        Bracket Weight: 31 kg
        The product patent number: 200720103304.6
        The machine installation diagram
        Cost level: four-star
        Applicable to the supporting surface (indoor) places up and down lifting materials, and is used in combination with the attached rack outdoor project, to achieve outdoor effect. Can also be used in combination with a large engineering scaffold.
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